From Life to Love...and everything in between.

By: C. Wesley Holland Jr.

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Introduction -A Simple Thing

We all have things we can come back to when times try our souls.
To remember. To come home. Things we know.
Innocent perspectives often forgotten in times of adversity and blind hopelessness.
Sometimes they’re the simplest of things. So very small.
Yet we need them. We must recognize them when they come to pass.
And search for them when they are lost.
We must treasure them dearly when they are all we have left.
For they bind us together, as collective individuals,
and carry a power sometimes greater than any monumental revelation.
They are the things that connect us and will always connect us,
no matter the passage of time or changes of the heart or mind.
Indeed, these are the little things that hold a lifetime of meaning –a vault of memories,
a garden of serenity, unaltered, never eroding from our thoughts.

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